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Be the motivation your clients need through a pandemic

Within the last few weeks, Internet usage has gone up 30%+ (and rising) and Facebook and Instagram use has increased by 70%.

People are online now more than they ever were before—this is a fact!—and it’s giving fitness influencers a chance to showcase their fitness programme and expertise. As a fitness trainer and influencer, you don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines right now.

You need to start challenging yourself to level up as a leader in the fitness space. People are looking for guidance from fitness experts, asking what workouts they can do at home, how they can stick to a routine, what they can eat to stay fit, and how to stay motivated when their lives have drastically changed.

There are four types of content that leaders in the fitness industry are creating right now, and that you can start publishing to establish yourself as one of them.

#1: How to work out at home with what you have

For a rare period of time, you know exactly what situation your audience has when it comes to their ability to workout. They have their homes and minimal (if any) gym equipment. This means that now, more than ever before, they need guidance on how to use what they have to get a decent workout in.

That’s where you come in.

If you can show them how to use reusable grocery shopping bags, everything heavy in their cabinets, and a broomstick to get their bicep curls in—they’re going to come back for more tomorrow. And after a few days of seeing that you can give them exactly the workouts they need right now, they’re going to want to do more than follow you.

They’ll want to join your community and pay you monthly for your fitness expertise.

Here are examples of at home workout content you can publish:

  • How to use a chair for a full-body workout
  • 20-minute quick pilates flow
  • 10 exercises targeting your abs
  • Plyometric training at home
  • Workouts using just a recovery band

#2: How to stay mentally committed to a workout regime right now

There’s also something else you can guarantee all of your followers are feeling right now—out of schedule. Their lives have drastically changed in the past few weeks which means they may have had to put working out as a lower priority than they normally do.

It might be harder than ever to get a workout in (ex. parents) and they’re losing their motivation to workout.

As a leader, you’re going to help them stay on track. You’ll show them the logistics of keeping to a fitness routine right now by talking about how to create a workout schedule that they can abide by while they’re at home.

Then, you can hold your followers accountable to it by creating a challenge for it. For example, you could have a 30 Day Fitness Commitment Challenge where each participant follows your workout routine (ex. Monday: Arm Day, Tuesday: LISS, Wednesday: Leg day, etc.) and tags you in their Instagram stories to let you know that they’re following along.

While a fitness community is tough to come by physically right now, it’s easier than ever to create a community online as people seek digital social experiences to make up for a lack of physical.

Note: You can also use this challenge to promote your fitness programme, giving away three free months of your fitness programme to 10 participants that tag you in their stories for each of the 30 days.

#3: Meals and meal prepping while home

As a fitness leader, you’re going to show your followers how to work out and make sure they stay accountable to their goals. That also means that you’re giving them guidance in the kitchen.

If most of your followers (and chances are this is a high majority) are eating three meals a day—this gives you three content ideas per day to publish. Every day you can show your followers what meals to cook to prep and to eat. You can invite them into your own regime and have them cook with you or you can show them different recipes that would fit into their dietary needs based on the current diet they’re following.

There’s a reason that sourdough bread starters have become a trending topic—people at home are looking to their kitchens to entertain themselves and you can be the person that leads that entertainment.

Here are some examples of content you can create around meals meal prepping:

  • Create recipe posts that show ingredients, instructions, and a photo of the finished meal
  • Livestream you cooking and have your audience cook with you
  • Write grocery lists for meal prepping for the week
  • Give out your actionable tips on eating healthy while at home
  • Show examples of fast, easy meals to make that are keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, etc.

#4: Inspiration and motivation

And lastly, your audience needs the inspiration to keep themselves motivated to workout and continue prioritizing their health. Amid all of the changes in the world is a lot of emotions surrounding stress and overwhelm. You can be the leader that reminds them that these emotions are okay, but letting them take over your life isn’t.

These are challenging times for a lot of people, but falling off of the health wagon doesn’t help anybody. As a fitness leader, you’ll be the one that can show them it is possible to prioritize health right now—that prioritization just looks a little differently than it did a few months ago.

Here are examples of content you can post that will inspire and motivate your audience:

  • Motivational quotes about working out
  • Research-backed facts about the benefits of working out
  • Inspirational photos of before and after transformations
  • Asking your community to share their biggest obstacle for working out right now and what they’re going to do to overcome it
  • Being the example of someone maintaining health as a priority right now

Being a fitness leader right now requires you to create content that helps your audience workout and stay fit during challenging times. You have the answers to the questions that they’re asking and this is an opportunity to establish yourself as a fitness leader.

Show them it's possible and lead by example.